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Talk about flying fish! A London resto is delivering sushi via a hovering drone.

Hovering drone with tray outside YO! Sushi in London

In an effort to make flying trays less painful than throwing them Frisbee-style at customers, London-based YO! Sushi just started testing a hovering tray, which is powered by a multi-rotor'd drone and delivers their menu items to customers via the controls of a remote-control-programmed iPad... and can presumably also drop Elroy Jetson off at Little Dipper Academy. It's called the iTray, and -- provided you can snatch your food off it -- could revolutionize the miso soup-conveyance industry. And this isn't the place's first foray into mechanized serving methods, either -- they've also got a robotic drink-serving busser and were the first restaurant in the UK to use conveyor belts to bring sushi to diners.Things are looking more and more like the year 2062 every day!... provided you're a piece of sashimi. Check it out in action here: