This Male Version of Hooters Will Make Leering at Lunch an Equal Opportunity

Been waiting for a place like O'Nutters to open ever since Jon Glaser pranced around in his singlet? Dallas is looking to make Amy Schumer's fictional, gender-flipped "breastaurant" a reality with Tallywackers, a bar and grill set to launch in May.

If the Tallywackers Facebook page is any indication, the all-male waitstaff will be outfitted with boxer briefs and not much else. While the restaurant will open in Dallas' Oak Lawn neighborhood sometime next month, the exact timeline remains up in the air. Tallywackers is obviously looking to capitalize on the success of places like Hooters and Twin Peaks, only with a female and gay male clientele in mind. They're also currently hiring waiters, cooks, and bartenders, so good news for anyone who was recently rejected by Hollister.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks this is quite the time to be alive. Follow her to important social progress at @kristin_hunt.