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Stories of Horrible Customers Getting What They Deserved

Customer getting soda dumped in their car.
Daniel Fishel/Thrillist

John Lennon once sang that instant karma was gonna get you. In fact, it was gonna knock you right in the head. He turned out to be more right than he could've known. For proof, behold these stories from a hilarious Reddit thread that's all about restaurant customers getting Final Destination-level comeuppance after being dicks to people in the service industry.

A story about trash (the garbage and human types)

You might feel bad for the jerk in this story

Are we sure she didn't leave him there on purpose?

Grandmas aren't always nice

Imagine the hardship of being old and sober

Oh, for truck's sake!

You get what you (try not to) pay for

Order free water, get free soda

That's a serious gut-check

"She ate the campfire!"

You are now free to move about the country with no luggage

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