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Greatest Dude Ever Gives $100 Tips to All 33 Workers at His Favorite McDonald's

Published On 11/16/2016 Published On 11/16/2016
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Sarah Anderson/Thrillist

A man dropped $3,300 at a McDonald's in Fort Worth, Texas, last week. But he didn't spend in on a Big Mac or even an elusive McRib. Dude just wanted a hug. Well, 33 hugs.

A video posted to area news station CBS DFW’s Facebook page shows the mystery man --  a regular at the restaurant  -- walking up to the counter and silently handing the cashier $100 in cash. He goes on to dish out more Benjamins, receiving enthusiastic embraces and enormous smiles from each of the 33 lucky workers. 

The viral video’s stealthy filmmaker revealed herself as Lisa Davila, one of the man’s employees. She told CBS that he had witnessed a McDonald’s worker crying over her tough economic situation a few days before and was moved to do something to comfort her. Then he just kept going.

Davila also mentioned that her boss -- who wanted to remain anonymous -- had recently been diagnosed with cancer. He also dropped a similar amount of cash at a local Waffle House.

“Pay it forward. That’s the whole idea behind it,” Davila said, evoking that delightful Haley Joel Osment tear-jerker. In this case, the phrase was taken literally.

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