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TGI Friday's new mistletoe drones will make you make out

Mistletoe drones

Even though the official start of Christmas season is still nine days away guys, restaurants are already breathlessly announcing their new holiday programs. And while most of them just involve a peppermint drink and some lights, TGI Friday's UK is embracing one of the season's most amorous traditions. The chain announced this week that they'll be launching mistletoe drones in select restaurants, to the delight of couples and terror of siblings all over Britain.

The drones are part of TGI Friday's "Togethermas" campaign and were created after the company discovered that only 53% of people in the UK had ever kissed under mistletoe at yuletide. Friday's is looking to up that percentage with these drones, which will be manned by the servers via remote control. They come equipped with a sprig of mistletoe apiece, plus a camera to record every embarrassing (or romantic?) moment. For the time being, they're staying across the pond, but just in case they take this to America, make sure to start carrying mints.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would prefer to eat without drones of any kind. Follow her to the Luddite table at @kristin_hunt.