These are the states with the best (and worst) Thanksgiving dinners

Thanksgiving dinner spread

Despite the abundance of wine and tryptophan, not all Thanksgivings are happy affairs -- particularly if you're living in Ohio. Real estate blog Estately recently rated each US state on a Thanksgiving misery index, and found that people in Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania are having the crappiest Turkey Days in America.

Estately's index was built on six factors: likelihood of food poisoning, political rows, this guy showing up, the home NFL team losing, people bailing for Black Friday, and dietary restrictions that significantly impact the meal. Ohio handily earned the top spot thanks to its many cases of salmonella and veganism, with Iowa, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin rounding out the rest of the top five. On the flip side, Hawaii is hosting the most blissful Thanksgiving dinners in the nation. Apparently the islanders rarely fight about Congress, will eat just about anything, and don't care much about football, seeing as they don't even have a team. See where your state falls in the breakdown here, then seriously consider whether you should book a flight to Honolulu next week to pop cranberry sauce on the beach.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would like to congratulate her home state on making it well out of the top 10. Follow her to decidedly non-vegan pumpkin pies at @kristin_hunt.