The 9 tastiest-looking literal food trucks in the world

sandwich food truck

The purpose of art-adorning food trucks has always been to entice you -- the hungry, hungry passerby -- into buying all sorts of awesome, tasty, mobile foods. We've discussed the most creatively named ones in the past here, but some cars and trucks take things a step further and actually look like the foods they're promoting, even if they don't have any of said food on board. To wit:

planters nuts truck

You'd have to be absolutely nuts not to instantly have an addictive, salty craving if you saw this driving down the road.

midwest dairy association cheese chevy

What do you do when you're an ad agency tasked by the Midwest Dairy Association to remind people that everything's better with cheese on top? Take a basic, boring Chevy HHR and cover it in cheese. Boom! Better.

westport flea market bar and grill truck sandwich
Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill

This tasty-looking number zips around Kansas City as a reminder that WFM's burgers are so tasty that not even having a serial killer run an adjacent market bazaar, or developers wanting to turn it into a Hooters, can ruin this KC masterpiece.

boston lobster feast orlando florida

Boston Lobster Feast in Orlando wants you to know exactly where you can A) get all-you-can-eat lobster, and B) give little kids nightmares about being attacked by a giant crustacean.

goldfish truck
George Barris

Yep. There's a Goldfish truck. Munch on that.

little debbie smart car
Little Debbie

No matter how cute you think you're being, it's still wrong to ask anyone driving a Little Debbie Smart Car if she's a Ho Ho. Clearly, she's a cupcake.

cadbury creme egg mobile
Beach Packaging Design

The Cadbury Creme Egg-mobile is actually based on an old, small delivery van that looks an awful lot like the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine, and, like the MM, it's got enough sugary snacks inside to ensure Shaggy's got a need for insulin shots.

giant aubergine truck
Sudhakar Yadav

"Who would want to drive around in a giant aubergine," you ask? According to this dude in India, everyone.

burger car india
Sudhakar Yadav

Of course, that's the same dude who built this totally amazing burger car which will definitely not result in your date asking you, "Where's the beef?"