The Best (and Worst!) Celebrity Tippers

Bill Murray and Michael Jordan
Netflix/<a href="" target="_blank">Flickr/Jason H. Smith</a>
Netflix/<a href="" target="_blank">Flickr/Jason H. Smith</a>

Some stars are known to share their wealth freely with the food-industry workers who serve them -- as recently as freakin' last week, actor Jim Carrey dropped a $225 tip on a $151 bill in New York. But others... not so much.

If you clicked into this story expecting a piece about the best and worst celebrities named "Tipper," well, wife-of-Al Tipper Gore falls under both categories because she is 1) the only human being named Tipper in the world, and 2) also a horrendous tipper. But we're here to focus on more than cheap second ladies of the United States.

Ben Affleck
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Best: Ben Affleck

The Dawn of Justice star gave a server a $90 tip when he bought some coffee and realized he only had hundos in his wallet. Must be nice to be Ben Affleck... or just be around Ben Affleck. For once in my life, I envy Matt Damon.

Worst: Britney Spears

Herald to puberty for endless millennial boys, Britney "I'm not bald anymore" Spears is apparently quite stingy with her piles and piles of presidential flashcards. According to E! Online, Brit racked up a $250 food bill at LA's One Sunset without leaving a single dime of gratuity. The same report slapped Spears with the crime of throwing change at a valet while saying, "Here's your tip!" One Sunset is now permanently closed. Coincidence? Probably. 

Johnney depp

Best: Johnny Depp

Famous for playing weirdos and people who act/look like Keith Richards, Johnny Depp is actually one heck of a nice guy. For instance, in addition to helping blast Hunter S. Thompson's corpse into the stratosphere (per his last wishes), he also gave a $4,000 tip to a waiter at Gibsons Steakhouse in Chicago after the server accommodated the actor's group into the wee hours of the night. That almost makes up for Transcendence. Almost.

Worst: Jeremy Piven

You might think "Yeah, this makes sense" when you see some of the people on this list, and Jeremy Piven, the guy who made his name by playing a giant d-bag, is definitely one of them. The dude must be some kind of Brando-esque method actor, because at bougie Aspen sushi joint Nobu, Piven decided to leave his server a gift instead of cash. And that gift was a signed Entourage: Season 1 DVD -- which is the third-least-desired gift in the world, closely trailing anthrax and a medically induced enema.

Kirsten Dunst
Wikimedia/Eva Rinaldi

Worst: Kirsten Dunst

Restaurant manager Eliza Pharrell (not to be confused with tall-hat enthusiast Pharrell) told Fox News K Dunst racked up a $200+ bill at her high-profile NYC eatery, "... without leaving even the smallest gratuity." I've been a fan of KD since I watched her pretend to go crazy in the Virgin Suicides, so this news of stinginess gutted me. If I had an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind machine, I'd wipe this memory clean. Also, I'd erase Spider-Man 3 because that movie suuuuuuuuuucked.

Best: Drew Barrymore

Adam Sandler's love interest in most Adam Sandler movies has made a name for herself as one of the most generous tippers in the biz. Ugly Betty actress Ana Ortiz claims that when she was just a regular NYC bartender, Ms. Barrymore visited her pub twice and tipped 100% on both occasions, which is quite a girthy gratuity.

Tiger Woods majestic golf swing

Worst: Tiger Woods

In golf and gratuity circles -- which surprisingly don't intersect much -- Tiger Woods is known as a notoriously shitty tipper, often leaving his dining/gambling cohorts (who are almost always not as rich as Woods) with the onus of leaving a tip. But Tiger may have an excuse: the dude apparently doesn't carry cash. I guess top-tier escorts take AmEx now?

Best: Bill Murray

In my (kind of) esteemed, professional opinion, William James Murray is the 21st century's archduke of badassery. Not only will he sometimes jump behind a bar and give everyone tequila shots, he also generously compensates service workers. There have been myriad stories about Murray's tipping prowess, but one in particular, in which Murray drops a 120% tip on a bill, then teaches the same server how to make their lemon wedges juicier by rolling them on a cutting board before slicing them, shows his benevolence. 


Worst: Usher

Apparently, in lieu of money, Usher leaves signed autographs as "tips." I mean, you could argue that a signed autograph by Usher is worth more than like, $20, but you can also argue that this is simply an extremely dick move by an extremely wealthy man. 

Best: Charlie Sheen

Son of Martin, brother of Emelio, Charlie Sheen has made a name for himself as being mercurial, unpredictable, and volatile. That being said, he's at least sane enough to show the little guys he's looking out for them, like when he gave every server and worker at his daughter Cassandra's birthday party an extra $200, on top of their normal pay. He also gave them each a vial of tiger blood. Allegedly. 

Wikimedia/&nbsp;David Shankbone

Worst: Madonna

The Material Girl once aptly dropped a paltry $18 on a $400 bill. When dining at NYC resto Babbo, she failed to leave a tip at all. Don't be too mad. No one likes her anymore, she has a questionable British accent, and she had sex with A-Rod. She's been through enough already. 

Best: Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is mainly known as that actor who occasionally flips his shit and beats the piss out of people. But, he's also a sweetheart deep, deep down -- which should have been apparent if you watched Gladiator, but some people miss that kind of stuff. Not only did he leave a  £600 tip at a wee pub in Wales, he also stuck around to play an impromptu gig. Which is a good thing, I guess?

President Barack Obama
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Best: Barack Obama

On the campaign trail, noted Chicago White Sox fan Barack Obama tipped a very presidential 52% -- and he only ordered a grilled cheese and soup. Thanks a lot, Obama. No, seriously. 

Worst: Al and Tipper Gore

One rogue waitress claims that the husband of Tipper is a terrible tipper, a sentiment that has been corroborated elsewhere. Eight percent is a low number for the Inconvenient Truther and former veep, who has to be raking in the royalties off his talking doll. The server also claims Tipper spilled beer on her and didn't apologize. 

Michael Jordan

Worst: Michael Jordan

The $650 million Jumpman himself is apparently one of the worst tippers in the celeb-o-sphere. So much so that frenemy Charles Barkley has no problem calling him (and his sidekick Pippin) out on national television. 

Surprisingly best: Justin Bieber

Look, I know. I KNOW. But here's the truth: Bieber is a good tipper. He gave an IHOP server a 200% tip. Granted he was on a date with Selena Gomez at the time and probably trying to impress, but still, it's nice to see the little wiener has at least one decent bone in his questionably talented body.  

Amy Schumer with wine glass
Comedy Central

Best: Amy Schumer

The commonly accepted queen of comedy recently gave the bartending staff at the musical Hamilton a $1,000 tip. Schumer notoriously loves drinking, and she also loves the people who facilitate her drinking.

Evil: Bill Cosby

A few years back, Dr. Huxtable left a $3 tip on a $375 bill. That's a .08% tip. It's OK. He'll probably be in prison soon. And we all know what happens in prison. They MAKE you eat Jell-O.

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He also hands out Entourage DVDs in lieu of tipping. Follow him: @wilfulton.