Chipotle's making pizza now, but you can only get it in one city

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Lee Breslouer
Lee Breslouer

By now, you've probably heard the phrase, "Guac is extra. Is that OK?" about a thousand and one times at your local Chipotle, but pretty soon you may be seeing the same logic applied to ham or pineapple, because Chipotle has bankrolled a newish Denver spot called Pizzeria Locale. It's not your average pizza joint: they can custom-top an individual 11-inch pizza right in front of your eyes and bake it in 120sec. That's faster than it takes to heat up a DiGiorno, if you like your food to be completely thawed.

The pizzas are around $7 per pie, and can be loaded with a ton of toppings -- like fresh mozz and prosciutto -- that they have sitting in familiar metal bins behind a glass-walled counter, and are slid into a rotating slab inside a 1000-degree oven to ensure it cooks to the perfect level of crispness. Once the time is up, you can chow down on your bespoke 'za immediately, or top it with their Tabasco analog: chili oil.

Pizzeria Locale is scouting new locations in the Denver area, and, if the success of CO-based Chipotle is any indication, they may be branching out to other cities soon, as well. Nobody tell the Noid, though, or he might get jealous.