The World's Craziest Food Vending Machines, From Burgers to Wine

Vending machines are arguably the most genius way to get your food, because they require no human-to-human contact. And when you're in the mood for three Snickers at 10:45am, you want that kept to yourself. Plus, your food comes insanely fast. And sometimes you even get to play a cool game of "Is my hand stuck? Oh, oh, no it's not. Cool."

Really, we should be getting all our food from vending machines, especially because it's entirely possible to. All over the world there are ridiculous vending machines that will serve you hot (and cold) meals in a matter of minutes (or seconds). We've collected the best of the best -- all of which you can visit! -- from burger vending machines to wine vending machines:


Pizzomatic (address and info)
Multiple locations, Germany


Febo (address and info)
Multiple locations, Netherlands


The Ritz-Carlton (address and info)
Naples, FL

Hot dogs

Fenway Park (address and info)
Boston, MA


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM (address and info)
Multiple locations, US.

French fries

Chelsey French Fry Machine (address and info)
Ontario, Canada


Sounkyo Kanko Hotel (address and info)
Kamikawa, Japan


Westfield Doncaster (address and info)
Doncaster, Australia


Beverly Hills Caviar (address and info)
Beverly Hills, California

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