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The first ever test tube burger is coming, and it costs more than your house

Published On 08/01/2013 Published On 08/01/2013
Scott Suchman

Sometimes, even though a skilled cook and a beef patty love each other very much, they just can't make a proper burger baby. But thanks to one scientist, there's finally hope for these barren couples in the form of the wondrous test tube burger

The world's first "in vitro burger" will be unveiled at a secret London location next week, and this is one lunch/lab baby that didn't come cheap. Made of 3,000 strips of synthetic meat grown from the stem cells of a dead cow, this patty cost nearly $380,000 to create. But Mark Post, the maker of this monster, actually has economy in mind. In the future, his innovation could allow scientists to mass produce a ton of test tube meat from just one carcass, saving some livestock and potentially placating some vegetarians to boot

Post got his backing from an anonymous sugar daddy who may unmask him/herself at the burger reveal by volunteering for the first bite. So if you live in London, keep an eye out for a very fancy car with an "I Heart Schmeat" bumper sticker -- it'll lead you to the main event.