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Bask in the glory of the most anti-paleo dish ever created

the anti-paleo sandwich

These days, people love to tag photos of their meals with #paleo, probably because it's super-fun to make all your Facebook friends feel bad for eating delicious bread. So it's time to play a fun little prank on all of them

With the help of a chef from Denver's gluttony factory Masterpiece Deli, we've created a Duck Confit & Pastrami Poutine sandwich that breaks an abundance of the laws of the paleo diet (Bread! Fries! Happiness!) to offer a delicious counterpoint to the many paleo-friendly dishes making their way around the 'nets. Then we got The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Paleo co-author Neely Quinn to break down exactly why each ingredient in the sandwich is so darn bad for you.

the anti-paleo sandwich with duck confit and pastrami

So here's what you should do: simply tweet/Facebook this photo with something like, "ate this for lunch today! #paleo" and wait for everyone to tell you how wrong you are. Screenshot the great responses and send 'em to us on Twitter @Thrillist. Now that you're fighting the good fight, read how to make it at home, and why it's awesome/frightening to those paleos.

- 2 slices of white bread ("This is a waste of calories. It has no nutrients.")

- 3oz of French fries ("The oil you cook it in is the problem. It's usually hydrogenated soybean/corn oil. Heating it up creates inflammation in the body which contributes to heart disease.")

- 1 jar of brown gravy (packaged or made from scratch) ("It's usually made from some sort of veggie oil that's probably hydrogenated, along with preservatives and MSG. I had a client once who said MSG makes him feel hungover the next day.")

- 1 bag of cheese curds ("I'm one of the only paleo people who says you shouldn't eat dairy at all. If you're going to eat dairy, it shouldn't be pasteurized/ homogenized.")

- 1 leg of duck confit ("Ducks are often raised in little crates and made as obese as possible. They're fed GMO grains, and they're sick a lot of the time. That's why they're put on antibiotics.")

- 4oz of pastrami ("Usually the nasty pastramis have food coloring, nitrates, and nitrites. I actually don't have a problem with it if you get good pastrami.")

Toast bread. Fry the French fries in oil. Make gravy per instructions on the package. Heat duck confit and pastrami until hot. Place on bread. Top with fries. Sprinkle with cheese curds. Smother with gravy. Top with other slice of bread. Tweet like mad. Enjoy!!