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Ron Swanson just got his own "American Ham" Burger

Published On 10/07/2013 Published On 10/07/2013
Ron Swanson Parks and Recreation

In terms of American patriotism, Ron Swanson is rivaled only by bald eagles, and in terms of manliness, he's only rivaled by Steve McQueen riding a motorcycle made of bald eagles. And now he's finally getting the meat treat he so richly deserves. Thanks to the L.A. restaurant The Oinkster, Swanson's real-life counterpart Nick Offerman just got his very own "American Ham" Burger, an astounding combination of one 6oz beef patty, shaved ham, gruyere cheese, mayo, pickles, and hot sweet mustard on a sourdough bun.


The resto generously let Offerman create this meats-on-meats delicacy for their October Burger of the Month. Apparently it tastes like "the essence of manhood", so don't be surprised if you leave lunch with a free-flowing beard.

On top of the burger, The Oinkster will be hosting Offerman/Swanson-inspired giveaways throughout the month. Keep those fingers crossed for some actual All the Bacon and Eggs You Have ice cream.



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