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The Food Bill at the Oscars After-Party Was More Expensive Than a Private Island

Leonardo DiCaprio toasting
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After the 88th Academy Awards wrapped in a whirlwind of Girl Scout Cookies and Leo-worship, all the worthy celebrities and their noble entourages headed to Wolfgang Puck's annual Governor's Ball after-party -- where they gleefully took part in drink, gossip, and various Illuminati initiation ceremonies (I mean, probably). Here's a nice photo collage, capturing some of the festivities:

Like anything in Hollywood, this did not happen on the cheap. Usually when you include 30lbs of edible gold dust at an event, your bill tends to run a little high. But how expensive was all this culinary excess? We decided, in the name of making us feel bad about our meager to-go lunches, to figure out the approximate food bill using average prices of items included on Puck's lengthy ingredient list. We held out the thousands of homemade finger foods and Oscar-shaped cookies because it would be too hard to find an applicable counterpart, so it could be said there should be another couple grand on the final tally. We'll let you be the judge, here.​

  • 20lbs of peanut butter - $46
  • 5,000 cage-free eggs - $166
  • 800 figs - $240
  • 10 gallons orange miso vinaigrette - $700
  • 1,500 quail eggs - $899
  • 200lbs of honey crisp apples - $942
  • 450lbs of organic sugar - $1,428
  • 100lbs of signature blend prime chuck - $1,498
  • 400 heads of cauliflower - $1,600
  • 6,500 pieces wood-fired flatbread - $2,921
  • 450 quarts heavy cream - $3,145
  • 300 whole Jidori chickens - $4,497
  • 300lbs of Snake River Wagyu short ribs - $5,000
  • 6,000 mini brioche buns - $6,475
  • 130 bottles of Haig Club single grain Scotch whisky - $7,228
  • 1,000 stone crab claws - $9,983
  • 15 of winter black truffles - $15,780
  • 1 ton of 70% Fleur de Cao Cacao Barry chocolate - $16,171
  • 10 KG of American farm-raised caviar - $19,700
  • 175lbs of Parmesan Reggiano -$25,575
  • 350lbs of house-smoked salmon - $26,250
  • 2,400 bottles of Piper Heidsieck Champagne - $96,000
  • 2,700 bottles of Sterling Vineyards wines - $170,100
  • 30lbs of edible gold dust - $4,844,362 (yes, seriously)

That all equals out to a Goddamn staggeringly high $5,260,706 -- and remember, this is a fairly conservative estimate that excludes the venue, silverware, hired help, and the guy who had to shave Ben Affleck's back.

In case you were wondering, that food bill could buy you several private, Caribbean islands. The world is a cruel, cruel place. I blame Wolfgang Puck and his unnatural taste for gold dust. Seriously, $4 million worth of gold dust?!

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