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The Ratchet Gourmet teaches you how to make 2 Crepez, Kanye Western Omelet

Published On 09/10/2013 Published On 09/10/2013

If you long ago stopped listening to anyone who isn't Rick Ross, boy have we got some exciting news for you. A newly launched cooking Tumblr by the name of The Ratchet Gourmet is teaching hip-hop fans how to cook through the lyrical stylings of Rozay, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, and more. Along with prep/cook times and ingredients, each Ratchet Gourmet recipe includes the number of "clique members fed" and directions written with some on-point song samplings. Plus, if you hadn't already figured this out from the pineapple head Rick Ross above, the Photoshops are hilarious. So head on over to start cooking with 'Ye.



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