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The Sausage Gun is here, and it's dangerously beautiful

Ever wanted to be the sheriff of Sausagetown, which is not a euphemism for anything? (That we know of.) Because your hands will now be the fastest sausage-slingers in the wherever-you-are with this sleek, elegant Sausage Gun, developed by Dutch design student Iskander van Wagtendonk (that's like "Mike" over there) as part of his graduation project (thanks for finding this genius, Gizmodo). Using its simple-yet-mesmerizing plunger-style apparatus, you can pump casing full of whatever delicious ground meat your heart desires, and be the hero of the pork-and/or-beef-starved countryside once again. Or lamb. Or anything. You're the sheriff, remember?

This hot dog-ameliorating badass gadget was dubbed by van Wagtendonk "The Worstmaker" (because "worst" is "sausage" in Dutch). But, if its abilities and purpose are any evidence, you could probably start calling it "The Best Worstmaker Ever". We're sorry.