Ceviche courtesy of Alma Cocina

"Pickled pigs feet!"

- Susan Feniger, Border Grill, Los Angeles

Quesadilla Rustica from Bodega Negra

"Don't try to rewrite the whole cookbook on Mexican cuisine when it comes to a taco".
- Chad Clevenger, Alma Cocina, Atlanta, GA

Corn Salad from Bodega Negra

"We still get people surprised that there are mushrooms in our dishes, and Mexico’s one of the largest producers of mushrooms in the world. It’s actually laughable. We’ll have flying cars before we understand our sisters to the south". 
- Alex Stupak, Empellon, New York, NY

Peking Duck Tacos from Bodega Negra
Chicken Panuchos courtesy of Border Grill
Chochoyotes courtesy of La Condesa

"Yes it is! That's an opinion, but it's up there with the best cuisines in the world without a doubt".
- Jesus Oñate, La Urbana, San Francisco

Medio pollo rostizado picante courtesy of Porfirio's

"I think some people start to hate cilantro in the womb".
- Rick Lopez, La Condesa, Austin

Elotes courtesy of Alma Cocina & Chochoyotes courtesy of La Condesa

"Restaurants today are offering some of the best Mexican food ever."
- Lisabet Summa, Rocco's Tacos, Orlando

The Berkshire pork chop courtesy of El Vez
Molacajete courtesy of Rocco's Tacos

"Definitely, but it's changing for the better".
- Michael Armstrong, Bodega Negra, New York City