The world's biggest ice cream beer float has 12 scoops, 68oz of brew, and comes served in a glass boot

As Patrick Henry famously once said, "Give me liberty, or give me death, or give me a beer float with a dozen scoops of liquid nitrogen ice cream and two liters of black lager brewed by a 25yr-old German monk." Intent on giving our favorite Anti-Federalist the most appetizing of the three options, we tapped San Francisco Deutschland-ian standby Suppenkuche and Smitten Ice Cream to create an ice cream beer float worthy of the first (and sixth!) post-colonial governor of Virginia.

Smitten Ice Cream

This all-time great dessert requires some assembly. First, 12 scoops of ice cream from Smitten, all made using...

Smitten Ice Cream Liquid Nitrogen

... THIS. Smitten's proprietary ice cream-making technology uses liquid nitrogen to make what might be the best vanilla scoop on the West Coast.


Second, a two-liter boot of beer with a bird on top of it being attacked by a lady shooting lightning bolts from her shoulder.

Suppenkuche beer

Longtime Suppenkuche barman Craig uses the Weltenburger Kloster: a dark, caramel-noted lager brewed in a 350yr-old cloister by a 25yr-old monk.


Combine the two.


Add whipped cream, sprinkles (use the multi-colored star ones because, uh, hello, multi-colored stars), and a cherry.

Suppenkuche beer boot

And then enjoy the hell out of it. (Patrick would've wanted it that way.) If you come in with the ice cream, Craig will be more than happy to provide the boot and leave a little room for your vanilla scoops. You might have to pay, though.