The 19 worst couples you'll see out on Valentine's Day

valentine's day couples
Dave Presley
Dave Presley

Valentine's Day is the day couples flood our nation's restaurants with love and too much cologne, forcing single people back into their homes, where they'll heat up another sad microwavable meal. If you make it out on the 14th, this handy guide will help you identify the couples you'll be seeing that night.

The couple who insists on ordering all the aphrodisiac foods, because, frankly, they kind of need some sort of sexual placebo at this point.
"I dunno honey, do you think 56 oysters is going to be enough?"

The couple who are older and happier than everyone else in the restaurant
This ruins your self-destructive theory that all marriages are inherently doomed.

the couple judging other couples at dinner
Lee Breslouer

The couple judging other couples for talking "too loudly" and ruining the mood
Nobody cares that you need absolutely perfect conditions for romance to bloom. You're like a football team who only plays well in a dome.

The couple who uses Valentine's Day as a referendum on whether or not they should stay together
Of course you should put high expectations on the most pressure packed evening of the year. Nothing can go wrong.

The couple an hour late for their reservation who are shocked to hear their table was given away
Even couples who were fighting a second ago are now bonding over their idiocy.

couple creepily staring at each other
Dave Presley 

The couple with the guy who places his hand on his girl's hand for the entirety of the night and never seems to break eye contact
You're creeping everyone out. DO YOU EVER BLINK?

The couple sitting at a four-top with another couple
No one at that table's having a foursome that night, and that's just a waste.

The couple where the guy orders for his date like he's stuck in Valentine's Day 1959, and she's clearly embarrassed and may not even want the salmon.
Chivalry isn't dead, but it sure is hard to watch.

The couple whose conversation is entirely about how dumb Valentine's Day is
It's all a conspiracy to get you to buy greeting cards! And go out to dinner! Which is what you guys are doing.

couple that isn't official
Dave Presley 

The couple who clearly shouldn't be going out on Valentine's Day because they're not sure they're dating, but they couldn't NOT go out
Watching them awkwardly interact will make you reach for a Xanax.

The couple who've been dating forever and hate one another
"I saw the way you looked at that waitress. I'm not even hungry anymore." (But for real, stop flirting with the waitress.)

The couple making out at the table
It's a night for romance. If you want to grope each other, wait for St. Gropius day.

The couple where the guy hasn't shown up yet
He's dead meat.

couple where the girl hasn't shown up yet
Dave Presley

The couple where the girl hasn't shown up yet
She's d... usually late for things.

The couple who only uses one side of the booth
What if we told you there was A WHOLE OTHER SIDE OF THE TABLE you could use?!

The couple in which the girl is holding her boyfriend's you-know-what like it's no big deal to do that in public
That's just generally weird. Like, your hand is right there

massive prix fixe
Dave Presley

The couple who orders a massive prix fixe and eats none of it
There are hungry people out there who wouldn't mind going on a romantic date with that roast duck.

The couple you're a part of
You guys look totally happy. And you're definitely going to make it.

The couples at every other table in the place
It'll never last.

A huge special thanks to NYC's Hundred Acres, who kindly let these unlovable weirdos in for the photo shoot.

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