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This app lets you... score leftovers, from strangers?

Published On 07/31/2013 Published On 07/31/2013
Leftover Pizza

Conceived three years ago by a pair Michigan undergrads who were appalled by the mount of food we waste (over 40%!), and who clearly needed room for their Natty Ice in the mini-fridge, Leftover Swap is a smart phone app that lets you do a pretty smart/crazy thing with your leftovers: pawn 'em off on perfect strangers. Or, get some from said strangers for yourself. Here's how it works:

If You've Got Extra Eats: Let's say you've got a bunch of leftover pizza. It's weird, but just play along. Snap a picture of it, name it something super creative like "leftover pizza", and share it via the app. People will just come and take your pizza! Sometimes even Patrick Dempsey. As it happens, this exact scenario -- rather than that hilarious story about needing room in the fridge for beer -- is what gave the Seattle-based crew behind LOSwap the idea for the app

If You're Hungry And Unafraid: Pull up a map of the available leftovers around you, make your selection, then arrange for pick-up or delivery of your hopefully delicious, but definitely free leftovers!

LOSwap will drop in late August, and is currently working on a system that will encourage people to make "donations" when you lace 'em with premium 2nd-hand leftovers like that last Natty Ice. Just kidding! You're totally gonna drink that aware local laws would probably prohibit something like that.