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This is what a taco cannon looks like

There's nothing more fun than weaponizing food, but while the glory days of cafeteria food-flinging are behind us, that doesn't mean that edible projectile technology has come to a food coma-like standstill. This weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX the hungry masses were satiated by means of a frickin' giant taco cannon.

Dan Gentile
Each of the 12 chambers is loaded with two Tamale House bean & cheese tacos wrapped in bandanas, meaning that each round could feed/disguise 24 hungry targets.
Dan Gentile
Under the hood is a pair of CO2 canisters rigged to the extended barrel. Once the valves are loosened, a rush of CO2 sucks the tacos from the chambers and propels them upwards of 100ft.
Dan Gentile
Just one of the many brave men and women serving their country... tacos.
Dan Gentile
As Fun Fun Fun Fest headliner Ice-T once said, it's time to squeeze the trigger. In his performance he also said that he hates cops even though he plays one on TV!
Dan Gentile
The honorary launcher of this round was the bass player from Bay Area punk band Thee Oh Sees (no relation to the Teen Choice Award's 2004 winner for breakout show).
Dan Gentile
The most delicious ammunition ever.

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