This lady ate and drank nothing but Starbucks for an entire year

Look, we enjoy a Starbucks chocolate meringue cookie as much as the next guy, but one Seattle woman has attacked the Sbux in a way that would give Cookie Monster the shakes. After spending 2011 only shopping at Goodwill and 2012 living by the advice of Parents magazine articles, she decided to dedicate 2013 to consuming nothing but Starbucks. Hundreds of mochas and untold rolls of Charmin later, she made it.

Beautiful Existence -- that's her legal name, so there's also that -- chronicled her year of Starbucks dining on her blog For 1 Year of My Life. Under the parameters of her challenge, she could only have her meals at Starbucks or its affiliates (Tazo Tea, Evolution Fresh) from January 2 to December 31. No exceptions: even her Thanksgiving dinner was from the coffee magnate, making a future case for the debut of gravy lattes due to the bistro box's shocking lack of the greatest of all Thanksgiving foods.

Ms. Existence averaged about $500-$600 per month on this crazy diet, proving Starbucks living ain't cheap. As a spendthrift (and tastier) alternative, we recommend the pizza cleanse.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. Some of her strongest friendships are built on cheeseburgers. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.