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Hallelujah, Tim Tams Are Finally Available in the US

If you've ever had the privilege of snacking down under, you probably know the candied majesty of the Tim Tam. And if you've ever had to leaveAustralia, you probably know the Tim Tam withdrawal that sets in once you are back in the United States, a decidedly Tim Tam-free zone. All that is about to change.

Tim Tams are now widely available in the United States (just in time for January, or Australia Day). That's correct. You can walk, drive, or sprint to your local supermarket, and probably find a place that sells these delicious chocolate biscuits, notes The Huffington Post. 

For the uninitiated -- first off, stop what you're doing and go get some -- these are chocolate biscuits made by Arnott's that blur the line between candy and cookie, and are extra-delicious when dipped in coffee. They come in four flavors: Original (chocolate), Classic Dark, Dark Mint, and Chewy Caramel. 

Here's what we're looking at...


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You're probably already foaming at the mouth (protect your keyboard, dude!), so here's a handy locator site that will help you find the nearest Tim Tam purveyor near you. 

Get them while they're hot (well, not literally) and make sure you like them before they're cool. It's a safe bet that soon, these little biscuits will be very, very popular. Or at the very least, considered the best Australian import since Crocodile Dundee.

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