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Tim Tebow wants to sell you chicken fingers


Football player with no position/god-appreciator Tim Tebow is still trying to prove that he's a really cool dude who you should totally stop picking on, guys, and he's found perhaps the most foolproof means of accomplishing that of all: feeding you chicken tenders

Construction is all set to begin on Timmy's very own PDQ, a two-year-old chicken chain based in Tampa. Tebow's outpost will set up shop in some primo Jacksonville real estate that'll make him neighbors with a Bob Evans and a Walmart. According to the permit, the $1.1 million project will house about 140 customers through a combination of booths, banquettes, and tables inside and the 445-square-foot patio outside

Also, don't panic, everyone: This is only the first of several Florida-based locations Tebow has planned. The Jets are already considering trading for all of them!

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