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Watch an Adorable Time-Lapse of Puppies Running to Dinner

There is quite possibly nothing in this world as cute as a ferociously hungry pup.

To prove it, YouTube user Cheese Pups -- who is the proud owner of golden retriever puppies named Colby and Bleu (yes, this is absolutely real) -- posted a time-lapse video of his pups running to dinner over the course of nine months.  

One of the dogs is so excited, he can't help but run himself into a cabinet en route to the food week after week. And on one run, the other pauses momentarily to contemplate a pre-dinner tennis ball game, but then comes around, because obviously dinner is more important. Watch how fast they grow and how damn hungry they are!

We're going to assume you don't look this cute while running starved to dinner...

h/t Reddit

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