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This New Extreme Tipping Movement Is Restoring Our Faith In Humans

person paying restaurant bill

There's a special place in hell for bad tippers.

And don't give me that "Well, the whole tipping system in America is messed up, so I vote with my money" slice of boiling hot garbage pie -- the system is debatable, but there's no question the majority of America's servers actually live and die on our gratuities. 

Which is why this new, restaurant-based benevolent Internet challenge beats the snot out of planking: it's called #TipTheBill," and it celebrates servers (and mega-tippers) everywhere. If you couldn't gather from the name itself, the challenge is to tip 100% percent of the bill (which, if you're not a scientist, is 80% more than the already great standard of 20%).  

And, unlike literally everything else on Twitter, it's making people very, very happy. 

You get it. And it's also worth noting the challenge has spilled over into other social media channels, too.

The kinds with filters!

But inevitably, with anything good and wholesome -- or actually anything period -- people will find some problems with it.

Some valid. Some... not so valid. 


Well, regardless of these opinions, #TipTheBill is doing a few things that cannot be denied.

1. Celebrating servers
2. Harnessing the power of the Internet for good
3. Making at least a few people feel good
4. Spreading U.S. currency around freely and helping to stimulate the economy
5. Giving Internet publications actually positive things to write about.

And to quote the venerable Martha Stewart (who I have to believe is a good tipper), that's a good thing. I for one, think our servers totally deserve it

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