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Food artist resurrects Tupac, ODB in food form (no holograms necessary)

Professional food artists spend their days making $1 burgers look like culinary masterpieces. Others keep it real by transforming edibles into something completely different (but still delicious).

Take, for instance, artist Tisha Cherry, who, since she last made us salivate/want to sing "Big Poppa" at work, has made even more delicious tributes, often using nothing more than a little spilled liquid, creating way better odes to hip-hop stars than the time Puffy used a Police sample to honor Biggie, but didn't use cheese puffs. Check out some of Tisha's greatest hits below, then head to her Instagram feed to keep track of her work.

That's Tupac up top, rendered in pieces of deconstructed burrito, a West Coast staple. Repping the East Coast's dearly departed rappers (and love of Chinese food), ODB is here resurrected using nothing more than soy sauce. Sadly, he's not made of sushi, considering he likes it raaaaaaaaaaw.

Stay on target...

Here's an ode to eternal couple Kanye and Kim, made of chicken, waffles, and honey in honor of "Bound 2". It would be tastier, though, if it was Seth Rogen and James Franco.

The Beasties like their sugar with coffee and cream, which is a good thing, because it allows way more shading opportunities for this Adam Yauch tribute than Stevia and rice milk.

Snoop Dogg... er, Snoop Lion... er... Calvin Broadus, Jr -- whatever. Here he is in the form of soup dumpling drizzle (fo' shizzle), making him Soup Dogg... or Soup Lion. Good lord, this is confusing. 

Some people see Jesus in toast. Ms. Cherry sees a dog in an Oreo. But not a Snoop Dogg... or Lion... DAMMIT.

Andy Kryza is a senior editor on Thrillist's food and drink team. He's never seen Jesus in toast, but he once saw David Byrne's face in some peanut butter. Follow him to Talking Heads references that take way too long to decipher via @apkryza.