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Trader Joe's Best Bargains You Should Never Buy Anywhere Else

Published On 09/14/2016 Published On 09/14/2016

Because Trader Joe's is so inexpensive, you could easily do all your grocery shopping there, though must of us end up supplementing from other places. There are, however, a handful of items that you can only trust to the specialty grocery store because they are so much damn cheaper there than anywhere else. 

We highlighted a few of those things below, courtesy of this Reddit thread. Of course, some of this stuff is sure to vary regionally, but overall, these products can generally be trusted to be a better deal at TJ's. 

Smoked Gouda, if you're looking for specifics

This user recommends frozen Indian dinners. Employees agree.

Flowers are an inexpensive way to impress

The frozen broccoli is an especially good deal

Frozen fruit is too

Buying cheese in bulk is good for parties, freezing, and casual weeknights

Get the goods for a full Italian dinner for less than regular grocery store prices

You won't find cheaper pink Himalayan rock salt 

Stock up on chicken broth for soup

Champagne... er, sparkling white wine

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