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What America's Buying at Trader Joe's Right Now

Spying on other people isn't cool, no matter what the cover of the '80s teen comedy Porky's seems to imply. So while you should never stare longingly into someone else's shopping cart at Trader Joe's -- it's perfectly fine to do it on the internet.

And because TJ's releases new, delicious products all the damn time, we bet you've never seen some of these items. Sure, you know and love Two Buck Chuck, but what about Bollywood Popcorn? Sriracha Tofu? Here's a mix of new and unusual food items that people have bought at America's favorite specialty grocer over the past few weeks.


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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and needs to make a TJ's run. Follow him to frozen foods: @LeeBreslouer.