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America's 20 Best Cities for Foodies

Published On 06/05/2015 Published On 06/05/2015

Everybody loves food, but some folks take that love to obsessive, almost freakishly obnoxious heights: these people are called Foodies, and they're largely to thank/blame for America's increased appreciation for bold eats. This raises a question, though -- which of the country's bustling burgs holds the most promise for a foodie looking to relocate?

To find the answer, Travel and Leisure asked its readers to rank 38 key cities by their "crave-worthy features", ranging from low-brow fare like street meat and burgers to upmarket eateries run by superstar chefs. After the dust/powdered sugar settled, they ended up with a list of the top 20 municipalities where munchies reign supreme.

Houston, TX snagged the top spot in T+L readers' hearts, with Providence, RI taking second place and Kansas City, MO grabbing third. If you're wondering where the hell Los Angeles and New York went, don't hold your breath: LA placed an underwhelming ninth, while the Big Apple sank even lower to 10th place. Who knew overwhelming hype could be a bad thing?

Here's the full ranking:

1. Houston
2. Providence, RI
3. Kansas City, MO
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
6. Albuquerque, NM
7. Cleveland, OH
8. Portland, OR
9. Los Angeles, CA
10. New York, NY
11. Nashville, TN
12. Austin, TX
13. Chicago, IL
14. Philadelphia, PA
15. New Orleans, LA
16. Louisville, KY
17. Dallas, TX
18. San Diego, CA
19. San Francisco, CA
20. Seattle, WA

Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and his pedestrian tastes would make any foodie sick to their stomach. Follow his quest for more frozen pizza rolls on Twitter @gjaccoma



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