The Fastest-Trending Weed Strain in Every State

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Which cannabis strains are being searched most often by your co-workers, friends, and neighbors? Wonder no more: the infographic below shows the fastest-trending strain in every state in the nation (and Washington, DC).

While a map that strictly showed the current most popular strain in every state would largely be dominated by the ever-popular hybrid strain Blue Dream, a map of fastest-trending strains displays a much wider variety gaining market share. With its recently instated recreational market booming, Oregon is clamoring for info on Pineapple Express. As its residents hang on to hope for recreational legalization, Vermont is curious about indica-dominant Zombie OG. And up in Alaska, where onsite consumption at cannabis stores is being considered, White Widow piques local attention.

To figure out the fastest-trending strain in every US state, we looked at Leafly user-sourced search data, omitted low-traffic outliers, then determined which strains had enjoyed the largest surge in popularity in each individual market since the beginning of 2016. Scroll down to see which strain is gaining the most steam in your state, and click on the strain name to learn more about it.

weed strain map
Nick Ouellette/Leafly

Alabama:Girl Scout Cookies
Alaska:White Widow
Arizona:Green Crack
Arkansas:Sour Diesel
California:Gorilla Glue #4
Colorado:Chem Dawg
Connecticut:Granddaddy Purple
Delaware:OG Kush
Florida:Blue Dream
Georgia:Girl Scout Cookies
Hawaii:Sour Diesel
Illinois:Gorilla Glue #4
Iowa:OG Kush
Kansas:Durban Poison
Kentucky:Green Crack
Louisiana:Gorilla Glue #4
Maine:Blue Dream
Maryland:Green Crack
Massachusetts:Sour Diesel
Michigan:Gorilla Glue #4
Minnesota:Girl Scout Cookies
Mississippi:Chem Dawg
Missouri:Blue Dream
Montana:Montana Silvertip
Nebraska:Golden Goat
Nevada:Gorilla Glue #4
New Hampshire:Trainwreck
New Jersey:Girl Scout Cookies
New Mexico:CBD Shark
New York:Blue Dream
North Carolina:Gorilla Glue #4
North Dakota:Lemon Skunk
Ohio:Girl Scout Cookies
Oklahoma:Golden Goat
Oregon:Pineapple Express
Pennsylvania:Blue Dream
Rhode Island:Super Lemon Haze
South Carolina:Sour Diesel
South Dakota:Tangerine Kush
Tennessee:Green Crack
Texas:Blue Dream
Utah:Girl Scout Cookies
Vermont:Zombie OG
Virginia:Jack Herer
Washington:Blue Dream
Washington, DC:Blue Dream
West Virginia:Girl Scout Cookies
Wisconsin:Blue Dream
Wyoming:Black Jack

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