This Moscow restaurant only employs identical twins. (Sorry, Danny and Arnold.)

Torrent Butler

We've seen restaurant staffs made entirely of fake aliens, little people, and rollerskaters, so might as well throw an all-identical twin eatery in the mix. Moscow has (painfully) birthed a crazy themed resto named Twin Stars, where every server comes with a clone sibling. Owner Alexei Khodorkovsky instituted his twins-only policy in a nod to his favorite childhood movie, Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, a trippy Soviet flick about a girl who discovers her twin through a mirror. (And Alice thought her looking glass was so cool.) It took the dude some time to assemble enough qualified sibs to wait tables and run the bar, but apparently it paid off. The sister and brother duos like working together, and Khodorkovsky says the gimmick has proved popular since they opened. You know what that means: Mary-Kate and Ashley have already begun learning basic Russian phrases such as "May I take your order?" and "You got it, dude comrade".

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