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Stock Up on Twinkies Ice Cream While You Can

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are two kinds of ice cream you'll never find in your grocer's freezer: grape and Twinkies. Wait...  hold the phone! We're being told that real-deal Twinkies ice cream is slowly appearing on shelves in supermarkets across the country, and now we have photographic evidence from the junk-food-obsessed heroes at The Impulsive Buy.

Last year, CSP Daily News reported that Hostess and Nestle were teaming up to create Hostess CupCakes, Twinkies, and Sno Balls ice creams. And now thanks to that photo we linked to above, we know that Twinkies ice cream is starting to show up on shelves. The Twinkies variety is a sweet buttercream base loaded with sponge cake pieces and a vanilla frosting swirl. Hopefully Twinkie the Kid took a cue from our boys Ben & Jerry and made those cake chunks enormous.

While you wait for your local supermarket to get this ice cream, we recommend trying to snag some of these deep-fried Twinkies, which are currently exclusive at Walmart. They'd make a great base for a fruit-less take on the banana split!

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and can't wait to try this ice cream. Follow him to snack cakes @LeeBreslouer.