The 8 Best Twitter Reactions to Kraft's Mac & Cheese Color Change

As you may have heard, Kraft is ditching the artificial dyes in its mac & cheese in an effort to go healthy. And while we guess that's admirable, it also means Kraft dinners will no longer be that glorious, glowing orange hue. People are having a hard time accepting this new reality, so they naturally went on Twitter to process their complicated emotions. We gathered up a sampling of the greatest 140-character responses to get you through this confusing time. Hopefully the frantic hashtags will help you heal:

8. They declared their childhoods moot

7. They slammed their heads onto their emoji keyboard

6. They voiced long-festering concerns about the cook time

5. They made the inevitable New Coke comparison

4. And the defenders made a much more extreme analogy

3. They made innocent bystanders cry

2. They spoke up for their hangry souls

1. They demanded the right to die with dignity

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and doesn't know that she'll ever look at Kraft the same way. Follow her to radioactive orange memories at @kristin_hunt.