The 8 best Twitter reactions to McDonald's polarizing mascot Happy

McDonald's mascot Happy with Twitter bird

After announcing Ronald's gone hipster, McDonald's just threw another mascot curveball by introducing an excitable box named Happy. He's got an intense smile, no elbows, and might be related to that chattering teeth toy. Twitter responded in appropriate horror and humor, but these were our eight favorite takes.

8. They consulted the fast-food scriptures.

7. They advised you to hide yo' kids.

6. They marveled at Happy's dental plan.

5. They relapsed into Clippy PTSD.

4. They made Billboard Hot 100 jokes.

3. They solemnly swore vengeance.

2. They looked up from Point Break on TNT.

1. They feared what was in the box.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks McDonald's might be going through some stuff. Follow her to diagnoses at @kristin_hunt.