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12 vital food and drink-themed UberFacts

Even if you don't follow them yourself, you're probably very familiar with UberFacts, thanks to all those retweets from your high school classmates. The site puts forth dozens of pieces of trivia each day on all sorts of subjects, but we decided to shift through the most recent blasts for the best food and drink-related stuff. Prepare to become more educated on supermarket schemes... and Shakira's egg art.

Well they do have some pretty great sandwiches.

Or probably, like, 50 king-sized Snickers bars.

See, those Pizza Pringles impulse buys aren't your fault. It's all because of those crafty stock boys.

Someone (probably not this guy) please test this and report back.

At least some states are serious about building a proper booze-to-humans ratio.

But is anyone who spends 45 minutes staring intently at Beach Boys' posters really a winner?

We guess the name "salty Kool-Aid" doesn't have quite the same appeal in Gatorade focus groups.

Man, between this and getting thrown into fire pits, virgins really got a raw deal in the Aztec community.

We can only assume they're hidden in the liner notes to Laundry Service.

Bad news for hungry Civil War reenactors with Big Mac joneses.

But having the balls to roll your own ghetto burrito in front of the staff is on par with ordering a Quesarito at 12:30pm.

Finally, something to do with all those spare frogs we have chilling in the fridge.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and plans to turn an extra photo upside-down at the next Chili's she visits, because she wants to watch the world burn. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.