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Umami and Andy Samberg made a Chicago hot dog into a burger

Nearly a year after The Oinkster made Ron Swanson his own burger, another restaurant with California roots is looking to turn sitcom specialties into a legit trend. Umami has partnered with Andy Samberg to create the Samberger, which is essentially a Chicago hot dog in logic-defying burger form.

The Samberger is part of Umami's Artist Series, a program that gets famous people to collaborate on burgers in exchange for a donation to the charity of their choice. (Subsequently, $1 of every Samberger sold will go to the Center for Early Intervention of Deafness.) This particular burger features a beef patty with classic Chicago dog toppings like spicy sport peppers, roasted tomatoes, chopped dill pickles, kombu relish, roasted garlic aioli, poppy seeds, and yellow mustard. As its Laser Cats-lovin' creator explained in a release, "We tried many combinations and flavors, and ultimately landed on a Chicago Dog-themed burger that has literally nothing to do with me. But it tasted really good so we went with it." You can eat one for $13 starting on September 23rd at Umami, though we hear they're best consumed on lazy Sundays with Parnell.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and plans to eat this while wearing her finest nautical-themed pashmina afghan. Follow her to lonely islands at @kristin_hunt.