Video Shows Checkers Employee Wiping Bun on Floor, Company Responds

There are a number of reasons the drive-through is better than dining-in at a fast food restaurant, the most important being that you can live in denial by not having to see your food being used as a paper towel, like in this recent video.

On August 4th, YouTube user Duane Moore posted a clip aptly titled "Nasty Ass Checkers," showing a Checkers employee wiping a burger bun on the floor, then picking it up and continuing to prepare a meal with it. Laughter and "omg yo"s from surrounding employees ensued. Hey, maybe buns are more absorbent than Bounty!

The video sparked widespread outrage on the Internet, which is weird because doesn't everyone go to Checkers for that unique wet floor flavor? 

The company tried to mitigate the situation on August 6th, with the video below, featuring Checkers' Senior Vice President of Human Resources saying that she is "appalled" and "disappointed," by the situation, and that the employee was regretful. She also makes it very clear that the burger was never served.

According to the company, the incident occurred in a Checkers location in a suburb of Baltimore a few weeks ago. The employees involved have been let go and Checkers says it is launching a full investigation. Which, it's unclear what there is to investigate: some fast food worker threw a bun of the floor, someone else recorded it, and now they don't work there. It's gross, but probably not a full-scale trend.

Or maybe that's just Checkers' way of giving its burgers an extra kick?