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The Pizza Beer Koozie Is Half Monstrosity, Half Brilliance

There are seminal moments in history that serve as benchmarks to the breadth of human ingenuity and achievement: Johannes Gutenberg's printing press, man walking on the moon, Steve Guttenberg's inexplicable acting success, etc. 

One of these moments seemingly occurred last week, when the Vulgar Chef (who's vulgarity extends from his language all the way to his culinary Franken-concepts) unleashed his most current attempt to corrupt the taste buds of our nation's youth with the "completely ridiculous, totally inconvenient, but still delicious" pizza koozie. 

Sure, it doesn't really make sense -- but the best things in life often don't (love, Westworld, microwaves, to name a few).

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He's never once peed on a busboy, but once he threw up on a horse. Follow him @wilfulton.