Can you guess which city has 132 Waffle Houses?

We always knew our friends in the South were hogging all the Waffle Houses, but we had no idea they were stashing more than 100 in one effin' city... until now. Through the help of Google Earth, mapsbynik crunched some numbers on WaHo density, pinpointing the top 21 most highly concentrated areas in the nation. While places like Greenville, South Carolina might be proud of their 34 Houses, Atlanta blew everyone out of the maple syrup with 132 total locations. That's nearly three times as many spots as the first runner-up, Cartersville, Georgia, and the reason a yellow skyscraper is shooting out of Atlanta on the map below.

Waffle House density map

We're not quite sure why the ATL needs that many breakfast oases, but if it means speakeasy-style Waffle Houses hidden inside other Waffle Houses, we fully support their actions.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and still gets a little sad every time she drives past the abandoned WaHo in her hometown. Follow her to shortstacks at @kristin_hunt.