A Waffle House Waitress Shares Her Insane Stories and Secrets

Waffle House is more than a 24/7 diner. It's an American legend. A Southern institution of dining after a night of drinking. The "smothered and covered" hashbrowns and butter-drenched waffles are only part of the allure: its deep-fried mystique is really due to the crazy shit Waffle House inspires, propelled by the characters you'll inevitably meet under those classic glowing orb-lights.

Least of which, are the servers. They'll call you "darlin'," tell you off-color stories, and give you a dose of true Southern hospitality, even if you are north of the Mason-Dixon. Recently, a real-deal WF server took to Reddit to spill the syrup on what really goes down behind that yellow-checkered sign. And she's everything a Waffle House server should be.

And yes, they know we all steal those mugs. 

Unsurprisingly, people puke there a lot

And who cleans it, depends on location...

She's done weird things for tips

Sketchy things happen at Waffle House. They just do.

She once saw someone eat 16 eggs

Waffle House At Night

Fights do break out

Does she know all the customers are stoned?

What was the worst customer experience she ever had?

She's never had sex in the restaurant. But...

Her biggest tip came on Christmas Eve

Bacon and eggs at Waffle House
flickr/sam howzit

There's a reason you can't make those cheesy eggs at home

You probably shouldn't order the salad

Apparently, there's a secret ingredient that makes everything taste good

Is Waffle House bringing blueberry waffles back?

Whatever you do, don't play that stupid Waffle House song on the jukebox

Waffle House Mug

How does she like her hashbrowns, and are there secret menu items?

Finally, when someone asked her if they care when people steal mugs, she gave the world's greatest response

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He still has a Waffle House mug. Follow him: @wilfulton.