This Baseball Team Is Ditching Gatorade for Chocolate Syrup Showers

Much Gatorade has been spilt in the name of athletic victories. But the Washington Nationals are trying to get a new post-victory ritual started -- and Hershey's is taking notice.

As ESPN recaps, Max Scherzer started dumping chocolate syrup in lieu of Gatorade on teammates last month when Dan Uggla clinched the Nats a 13-12 win over the Braves. He continued to rain sticky fury down on his peers this week when Ryan Zimmerman scored a walk-off home run against the Yankees, cementing a new team tradition. Hershey's picked up on Scherzer's moves, and just this week sent the Nationals 108 bottles of chocolate syrup to unofficially sponsor their future wins. (They had sent a smaller batch of 24 the week before.) That stash should last them a while, but if center fielder Denard Span is serious about adding "some whipped cream, cherry, everything" to the mix, Reddi-wip better start hustling.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and has never really understood the Nationals. Follow her to Camden Yards at @kristin_hunt.