Watch a culinary hero bake Doritos bread

Between becoming besties with Taco Bell, going international in the form of kimchee carbonara, and encrusting deep-fried pizza at state fairs, Doritos have been a part of a lot of half-baked ideas recently. Now, thanks to the brother of the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit, they're finally part of a fully-baked idea: Doritos bread

The recipe calls for some basic baking staples (wild yeast, flour, leaven), plus the addition of 3 cups of crushed Doritos. The instructions include a special warning that careful measuring is a must, an important move because most anyone who is baking Doritos bread is probably not the measuring type.

But perhaps the most revelatory aspect of this recipe is the topping: Doritos compound butter. To make it you pretty much just combine butter with Doritos that you've turned to dust in a coffee grinder. So even if making the bread seems like a crazy complicated idea, you can still go loco with some Nacho Cheese butter.