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Watermelon Oreos are here, and supposedly not terrible

The last time Oreo went wild with their flavors, they gave us the Candy Corn Oreo...and everyone laughed really hard, right in their face. But much like Chumbawamba, Nabisco got back up again and just debuted limited edition Watermelon Oreos in time for the Summer.

Here's where it gets weird: People are actually sorta enjoying these things. The blogosphere has offered reviews of "actually good", "REALLY good", and "I can’t believe it, but overall, Watermelon Oreos work". (The whole Fox 8 WGHP team was also a fan, minus Shannon Smith, who probably only eats pâté cookies anyway.) According to these testers, the cookies taste a lot like bubble gum, or Laffy Taffy, or Jolly Ranchers and aren't as artificial-y as you'd expect. Also no overpowering watermelon smell, so you can eat them discreetly at your neighbor's cookout and avoid judgmental looks

These Oreos hit Target shelves earlier this month, and are only available while supplies last, so you best get snacking.