Watermelon Bread Is the Hottest Food Trend You've Never Heard of

Food trends, much like fashion trends, are inherently ridiculous. Still, while public obsessions over cronuts and jeggings are strange in their own right, the latest edible trend in Taiwan has them all beat: loaves of bread, dyed to look like watermelons.

The whole thing started at Jimmy's Bakery, a Taiwanese establishment whose owners purportedly designed the melon-loaves in an attempt to get kids to eat bread and toast during the warm summer months. Demand blew up once the bread went viral on social media, and the bakery currently makes 100 loaves (or 1,500 slices) every day.

Funnily enough, the bread itself doesn't actually taste like watermelon: it's made by dying layers of dough with powdered green tea and strawberry, while bamboo charcoal is used to make the "seeds" inside (although raisins can also be used). The shape also calls to mind the square watermelon craze in Japan -- yes, that's a thing -- which definitely adds to its appeal. Probably.

Check out some more Instagram shots of this bizarre trend below, or hit up this video and learn how to make watermelon bread for yourself:

(h/t Kotaku)

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