Guide to Enhancing Your Holidays With Cannabis

Send 2020 packing in the most relaxing way possible.

cannabis holiday guide
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After 12 of the most universally tumultuous months of your life, you’re probably looking to send 2020 packing in the most relaxing way possible. With more states voting to take weed off their naughty lists and federal marijuana legislation gaining traction, next year’s version of this guide could have THC products shipping across the U.S. For now, there are still more resources than ever to help you make educated choices on how you unwind, and we’re happy to (virtually) hold your hand through the process.

Meet Lovepot, The Home Delivery Florist For People Who Love Pot

In this great introduction to a nationally-available marijuana florist, cannabis journalist Lauren Yoshiko offers a fun way to make the holidays brighter. With lockdowns making Christmas get-togethers unlikely, sending a bouquet of a different kind of flower is a great way to spread holiday cheer. Lovepot’s hemp arrangements can make sure everyone on the Zoom call is on your level.

The Best Cannabis Edibles to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright

Contributor and cannabis journalist Sean Cooley has set us up with a list of tasty and effective edibles. What I like about his list, in addition to his most estimable notes, is that he includes the states where you can buy them. May those lists grow longer in 2020. He also includes helpful intel on dosage so we can chill responsibly. No one’s ruining their PTO with bad trips, yeah?

How to Choose Edibles Like You Totally Know What You’re Doing

Once upon a time, I was clueless about edibles and honestly turned off from them after an intense trip brought about by ration brick-textured vegan brownies. Edibles and my relationship with them have grown since then, and this guide is living proof -- with experts to back everything up.

Coda Signature Burnt Caramel Truffles

Full disclosure: I was sent some of these truffles to try out earlier this year. I’ve since resolved to always have some on standby. Cannabis aside, they’re just delicious truffles with an (and I do not choose this overused word lightly) unctuous caramel filling. The slightly vegetal middle note feels less like they’re trying to hide the marijuana and more like they’re working with it, to great effect. Getting that flower upfront leaves all the dessert-y goodness lingering on your tongue as you await the trip of your life.

Unless you have a high tolerance, I would recommend taking one as early in the day as possible so you can experience the different levels the high brings you. The truffles have been delightful respites from hard weeks without the mega-couch-lock similarly potent edibles can impart.

Your Handy Dandy CBD Gummy Purchasing Guide

For those of us who don’t (yet) live in a state that legally sells THC edibles, or who prefer to stick with CBD alone, we have this guide. In addition to that all-important dosing info, Portland-based cannabis writer Janelle Lasalle walks us through full-spectrum vs. isolate, hemp vs. hemp oil, sourcing, and what the hell those labels mean.

The Ultimate Cannabis Toolkit: Everything You Need to Smoke Flower Like a Pro

Maybe you used to rely on more knowledgeable friends or you’re starting to feel more confident about toking at home, but either way, you could probably do with an upgrade for your solo setup.  Another gem from Yoshiko, this guide is full of excellent essentials for the discerning flower smoker. From a popular vaporizer to a high-quality multitool, these accessories aim to impress and they don’t miss. And if you’re used to edibles and worried about what the neighbors (or your landlord) might think, she can help you deal with that too.

Transform Your Tub Into a Hotel-Worthy Spa With CBD

If you’ve never had a cannabath, please get at least one of these products and yell at anyone you live with to leave you alone while you enjoy it. Melt away muscle tension, whether it’s from hard work or stress, and float away in this little oasis you can create at home. Another stellar group of recommendations from Yoshiko, they won’t disappoint. 

No tub? No problem. Topicals can achieve roughly the same effects without the pruned fingers.

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