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7 weird stock images of people struggling with basic cooking

Guy with colander on head

Stock image sites are a great resource for photos of well-dressed businessmen pointing at charts. But there's a much weirder side to stock photography, as we know from important collections like "Women Laughing Alone with Salad". We decided to do our own investigation into the bizarre end of Shutterstock, and came back with photos of people alarmingly confused by simple cooking concepts. Like "whisking eggs" and "holding a cheese grater". Check out the overwhelmed chefs below, then prepare to feel a lot better about your own cooking skills.

Guy confused with ladle

Well, he started with a baster, so at least he's getting closer.

Girl confused with cookbook

To be fair, we're not sure how you make shrimp scampi with a wooden spoon and an empty pot, either.

Guy confused with poultry

"Do I stuff it with rosemary and sage, or take it to a matinee of The November Man??"

Guy frustrated with whisk

Keywords for this image include "doubt", "clueless", and "bad trip".

Girl overwhelmed by pots

She likes to describe her cooking style as "Swedish Chef meets Snooki".

Guy with dough on head

No one's seen Mike since this photo was taken. Pray for Mike.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks these guys should stick to Seamless. Follow her to kitchen disasters at @kristin_hunt.