13 extremely weird/delicious ways die-hards celebrate Nutella

The Nutella-nomming community recently proved that it was not to be messed with when it got the spread's Italian maker to uncancel World Nutella Day, which is a real holiday that exists. And while that glorious day isn't until next February 5th, the truly hardcore Nutella-holics find ways to celebrate all year long. To celebrate their celebrations, here are some of the more unusual and hilarious expressions of 'tella love -- if you take your delicious hazelnut spreads very seriously, you could celebrate it by...

Wearing incredibly bold fluorescent sweatshirts

Photo: The BrandBuilder BlogMaking some creative revisions to that infamous Burt Reynolds spread. Good thing you always carry a flash drive with it on your person

Photo: TumblrSmearing it all over your face. It probably exfoliates, maybe

Penning love songs in its name and then marrying it, because it is a lady

Wearing vial necklaces that include warnings to not eat the contained Nutella

Challenging yourself to eat an entire jar. Suck it, Joey Chestnut. Even though sucking Nutella cannot be the most effective way to eat it quickly in a competition.

Photo: Ciao Chow LindaDesigning this Nutella dress, and putting it on that chick who like-likes Tom Brady

Wearing these very fancy cufflinks to all your snack-based galas

Hanging Andy Warhol-esque tributes in your home

Rapping about it. Then, the next time your girlfriend is mad, you can convince her the rap is really about her. It's okay. Nutella understands

Photo: Flickr / jeffrey james pacresWriting bizarre fan fiction for the 50 Shades of Grey set. ("You know" he says when he breaks the kiss, "you're not the only one who likes to play with their food") Or just super random fan fiction for Harry Potter nerds

Photo: ImgurStealing five whole tons of it before (presumably) escaping to a private island with unlimited toast

Making this disgusting music video for your German band's newest single. Just to make sure no one sleeps again, ever.

Nutella sweatshirt
Burt Reynolds Nutella
The BrandBuilder Blog

Making some creative revisions to that infamous Burt Reynolds spread, which you've had on a flash drive for just such an occasion.

Nutella face
Nutella necklace
Nutella dress
Nutella cufflinks
Nutella art
Lots of Nutella