The last Jewish waiter at NYC's Katz's Deli really hates his job

The LES institution, palace of pastrami, the place that definitely stole your ticket that one time when you weren't looking, Katz's Deli, apparently has only one Jewish waiter... and he's a damn grouch.In this video via the Jewish Daily Forward, the "Last Jewish Waiter" -- aka David Manheim -- expounds eloquently on his career drops a few NSFW descriptors as he depicts a day in the life of a Katz's employee, from the co-workers who hate him, to the types of customers that frequent the place, whom he in turn hates. Happy dude, David Manheim.Peep the video above for the whole rant. We think it's not all staged? Maybe? Either way, it includes some seriously satisfying close-ups of their famous meats & sandwiches.