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Boyz II Men serenade Wendy, praise her pretzel buns

Boyz II Men Wendy's pretzel love songs

Last Summer, Wendy's dropped its pretzel bun burger, and people fell in love. Then, as in all classic love stories, crisis struck when the burger was discontinued. But there's a happy ending after all, and now the return of the pretzel burger is being heralded by none other than Boyz II Men.

Wendy's composed original "Pretzel Love Songs" when the burger debuted last year, too, but this time around they scored some much more impressive talent. (Sorry, Nick Lachey... except, we're not.) Drawing on tweets from lovesick fans, Boyz II Men belts about NYE kisses with the pretzel bun burger and stands in a kiddie pool... for dramatic effect. If you can make it through their "om nom nom" runs without shedding a single tear, you've clearly never known love.


Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and cannot believe Boyz II Men hasn't done a "Motownphilly Cheesesteak" endorsement deal yet. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.